General User Info

All you need to know before you get started.
Discord is for fun. The Platform is for investing.


Discord is the main communication hub for the BlackDragon community. To discover new deals and access the wider community, join the Discord group and chat with our friendly members. For steps to join the Discord, check out the Discord Manual.


The platform handles ALL of the investing processes, from deal info and pledging to contributions and claims. The Bridge, Lock, and Deal functions on the BlackDragon Platform will be explained in the Platform Manual in full detail so make sure to read on that as well.
NOTE: The BlackDragon Platform is optimized for mobile as well, so users can do their investing on the go. In order to access the platform on your phone, make sure you have the Metamask app installed, otherwise you won't be able to log into the mobile platform.
(Ledger uses may have issues with this, if that's the case make sure to contact the BlackDragon team directly)
To contribute, you need to bridge BDT (ERC-20) to xBDT (xDAI) and lock your xBDT for a minimum of 6 months.

General Deal Flow

Deal information will be published in the Deals section in the drop-down menu on the BlackDragon Platform.
The deal phase involves four steps:
  1. 1.
    NEW DEAL (Platform)
    → Potential projects are introduced as a new channel in UNDER DISCUSSIONS or PLEDGES. → Conduct due diligence and discuss amongst the community about the validity of a certain deal.
    → If interested, you may pledge the correct amount you are willing to contribute.
  2. 2.
    PLEDGE (Platform): → A PLEDGE is an expression of interest for an investment in a certain project. → Pledging is done within the DEALS section under PLEDGES. → Pledging is done using the input modal. → Pledge as much as you desire however, you will be expected to commit these funds.
    → To cancel or alter your pledge amount, make sure to do that in the same input modal used for pledging. (To cancel your pledge, make sure to change the pledge amount to 0) → If given enough deal interest, the deal will open and you will receive a notification on Discord.
  3. 3.
    CONTRIBUTION (Platform): → CONTRIBUTIONS to each deal are done within the DEALS section as well. → Contributions are made through xUSDT, which is the xDAI bridged version of USDT. → Use the Bridge or Swapper to convert USDT to xUSDT. → Contribute to the deal by clicking on the contribute button on the platform. → DEALS open with the pledgers pro-rata, you may contribute up to your personal max.
    → After the countdown has ended, the deal will open to pro-rata or unlimited and you may contribute additionally up to your new personal max. Act fast!
    → When the deal is 100% filled, the deal will close and the funds will be sent.
  4. 4.
    CLAIM (Platform): → You can CLAIM your tokens via the platform using the claimer (claim button).
    → The claim button will activate on the token distribution date. → You will be able to decide how many tokens and when you would like to claim (adhering to the vesting schedule).

If you like the project – be sure to PLEDGE!

Members with low $BDT holdings might have smaller pro-rata allocation, but deals rarely fill just based on pro-rata, as many holders won’t participate in the specific deal, so there will be allocation left, which everyone will be able to take once the countdown timer goes to 0 and deal goes to “Unlimited”. The Unlimited model is FCFS – first come first serve.
We are planning to use pledges frequently, and those that pledge will have pro-rata allocation based on their $BDT holdings VS the total amount of BDT held by pledgers.
Our Formula rewards all those that pledge by granting them more guaranteed allocation than they would normally get.

The Model workflow will look like this:

1) Pledgers Pro-Rata – whitelisted and have guaranteed time to contribute
2) Pro-Rata – $BDT holders that didn’t pledge get access according to their pro-rata.
3) Unlimited – First Come First Serve model with no limits until the deal is filled or closed.
Sometimes, the Pro-Rata model will be skipped and the deal will go straight to Unlimited. It depends on various factors, but these are the models we are implementing.