A crypto investors’ one-stop-shop for premium preliminary deals.

The BlackDragon Platform is optimized for both Desktop and Mobile so that you can do your investing on the go.

No matter the device you can access the platform at: app.blackdragon.io
To compliment our deal-flow, we engineered and launched our decentralised blockchain-native platform (dapp) making investing both more convenient and simpler for those seeking the highest returns for their capital.
Our innovative platform is a crypto investors’ one-stop-shop where investors can take comfort knowing that our experienced BlackDragon team has vetted projects and conducted the appropriate due diligence.
The cohesive and meticulously designed app compiles the various projects with the key fundraising data associated with each and provides links to research, key socials, and ROI on previous projects. In addition to that, the app is optimized for both desktop and mobile so that our users can do their investing on the GO!
All the user has to do is bridge their BDT to xBDT, lock them up to calculate their pro-rata percentage amount, and decide which projects they would like to invest in. Users can then bridge or swap USDT to xUSDT and with the push of a button, their capital is allocated to prime early-stage projects of their choice.
The BlackDragon Platform is optimized for Desktop and Mobile..
Apart from sleek UX/UI design, which allows users to easily navigate and search through deals, the app’s biggest innovation is that it runs on the Gnosis Chain (ex. xDAI network), making transactions cheaper, faster, and more efficient. The mechanism allows xDAI tokens to be bridged to and from the ETH blockchain.
And this is where the BlackDragon Token comes into play.
The BlackDragon Token (BDT) is an integral part of the BlackDragon investing ecosystem, as it grants access to the platform itself and is used for calculating investment allocations. BlackDragon utilises a fair proportional approach with ample time to contribute, unlike competitors who offer lottery or gas wars style fundraising raises. Here at BlackDragon, if you want a higher project allocation, you need to lock more xBDT.
It is important to note that xBDT tokens can be locked by users via integrated smart contracts, meaning each user gets to decide how many tokens they want to lock/unlock for a certain period. Subsequently, the tokens are locked for 6 months, stimulating stable price appreciation and ensuring guaranteed deal allocation.
We at BlackDragon currently offer access to our investing service based on the following levels:
Currently we offer four investment levels pictured above.

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