BlackDragon Wiki

Step 1 - Set Up MetaMask Wallet

The first thing you need to get started is a digital wallet.

A - Install MetaMask extension

• Go to and click on the download button (shown in the black rectangle to the right).
• This will bring us to the second image. Here we select the device we would like to install the wallet on (blue rectangle) and then click Install (red rectangle).

B - Set Up New Wallet

• Next, we need to create a wallet.
• Click on the Create a Wallet button (black rectangle). This will prompt you to generate a secret backup phrase that your wallet is built on.

C - Add Custom Token (BDT)

• Go to and search for the BDT coin.
• Next, we will click on the MetaMask icon to prompt the token to be added to the wallet.
• Click Add Token.
• Alternatively, you can add the BDT token by manually inputting the token address shown to the right.
• BDT Token Address: 0x4Efe8665e564bF454cCF5C90Ee16817F7485d5Cf​

D - Look For Deposit Address

• This will reveal our deposit address (wallet) that we can copy and distribute as required.