Step 1 - Set Up MetaMask Wallet

The first thing you need to get started is a digital wallet.

A - Install MetaMask extension

Go to metamask.io and click on the download button (shown in the black rectangle to the right).
• This will bring us to the second image. Here we select the device we would like to install the wallet on (blue rectangle) and then click Install (red rectangle).

B - Set Up New Wallet

• Next, we need to create a wallet.
• Click on the Create a Wallet button (black rectangle). This will prompt you to generate a secret backup phrase that your wallet is built on.

C - Add Custom Token (BDT)

Go to coingecko.com and search for the BDT coin.
Next, we will click on the MetaMask icon to prompt the token to be added to the wallet.
• Click Add Token.
• Alternatively, you can add the BDT token by manually inputting the token address shown to the right.

D - Look For Deposit Address

• This will reveal our deposit address (wallet) that we can copy and distribute as required.