Token (BDT)

The backbone of our community-based fundraising ecosystem.

Where can I buy BlackDragon Token ($BDT)

You can buy BlackDragon token ($BDT) via Uniswap.

What is BlackDragon Token ($BDT)?

BlackDragon token ($BDT) is the backbone of our community-based fundraising platform. It will grant you access to our fundraising platform that will provide you exceptional user experience with no gas wars. Through the platform, we provide our users with a fair pro-rata allocation model, which is based on the percentage of tokens staked.

What is the Pro-Rata Allocation Model?

The pro-rata-based allocation model guarantees the right to an allocation in each deal proportional to the amount of $BDT tokens you are holding versus the supply of tokens of all other $BDT holders pledged to the same deal.
For example, If the locked supply of all who pledged is 200,000 BlackDragon tokens ($BDT), and you are holding 1,000 BlackDragon tokens ($BDT), you’ll have a pro-rata personal allocation of 1,000/200,000 = 0.5% of the total deal allocation.
If the deal allocation is $250,000, this would mean that your maximum personal contribution is $1,250 for that deal.
Our Formula rewards all those that pledge by granting them more guaranteed allocation than they would normally get.

How do $BDT Access Levels work?

You can gain access to deals by acquiring BlackDragon tokens ($BDT) and registering to the fundraising platform. The minimum number of tokens needed, in order to get Basic access to the platform, is 250 BlackDragon tokens ($BDT).
Level 0 (250 BDT) – access to 60% of the deals Level 1 (1,000 BDT) – access to 90% of the deals Level 2 (5,000 BDT) – access to 95% of the deals Level 3 (10,000 BDT) – access to all deals
The minimum allocation you can get is $250 per deal. Allocation depends on the deal size, your BlackDragon tokens ($BDT) holdings, and other members’ interest in that deal!
NOTE: In order to receive your level-based pro-rata, you need an active lock of min. 250 $BDT for a period greater than 150 days to enter a new deal. You will likely be required to relock xBDT any time you enter a new deal.

What is the purpose of the BlackDragon Token ($BDT) lock-up?

The $BDT Lockup is good for multiple reasons:
• It provides price stability and liquidity, which flattens the volatility curve.
•It prevents users from gaining valuable insight on our platform and then selling their $BDT without any penalties.
• It gives more value to the end-users with increased personal max allocation in the deals (as pro-rata is then calculated just based on the staked tokens and not based on the overall circulating tokens).
• It limits the supply and acts positively on the project valuation, basically finding an equilibrium for true project value.

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