All of the below factors should be thoughtfully considered before investing in a project through the BlackDragon platform or the crypto space in general. Rules are subject to change and revision.

1. No FUD and harmful language!

BlackDragon's core values include Openness, Friendliness, and Compassion. We expect our community members to also treat their peers with the same level of respect. Harassment of any kind, including racism, hate speech, FUD and harmful language will NOT be tolerated.

2. Where to start?

To start getting to know how BlackDragon works, you need to check our documentation: https://docs.blackdragon.io/. Do not go to rule number 3 before reading the docs!

3. Be helpful

In case there is a question explained in the docs, and you're sure you know the answer, you can choose to help a fellow dragon out and guide him in the right direction.

4. Be organized

Please post in the appropriate channels. We don't discuss deals in public "Welcome" channels, but only the private, token-permissioned ones. Please read all pinned messages and channel guidelines for important stickies.

5. Refunds

You may receive refund or partial refund for the project you contributed to for various reasons. It's something we can't influence, and further discussions about refunds will not be tolerated. In case you are refunded, you are expected to accept it without complains and move on.

6. Confidentiality

You may not contact project teams or team members directly or in a public group on BlackDragon's behalf or about any BlackDragon's deal specifics (incl. deal details, refunds, etc). Doing this will result in a ban, blacklisting, and potential forfeit of previous project contributions.

7. When TGE?

TGE dates are frequently delayed. If the TGE is delayed, the best way to stay informed is to visit projects' social channels or ask the community managers in their channels. Do not tag BD admins asking when the TGE is. Once TGE is near, you can tag dealmaker to check the distribution date.

8. Keep your funds SAFU

The admins or community managers will never ask you to send cryptocurrency to them. We have a platform working on smart contracts, and that's the only place you will need to interact with. If you are unsure if something is legitimate, please DM another admin.

9. Crypto investments are risky!

Your investment may be illiquid and could result in a total capital loss. There is a possibility that investors may never receive the invested token and thus should be considered a complete write-off. BlackDragon acts as a deal facilitator and is not responsible for any losses incurred.

10. Investors should not expect BlackDragon to pursue legal action with any project whose token investment occurred at a loss.

Investors should carefully read through all the available information on the platform and from the project itself, conduct their due diligence, and consult with their tax, legal and financial advisors. In the case of a loss (bankruptcy, rug-pull, scam), an investor should understand the high-risk, high-reward nature within the crypto space, accept the write-off and move on.

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