Step 3 - Bridge Tokens

After successfully into the dApp, you will need to get your tokens ready for lock-up.

A - Select Tokens And Input Amount

• Select the tokens you wish to bridge and define the amount.

B - Approve And Confirm Token Amount

• Once the MetaMask pop-up is visible, approve and confirm the transaction.

C - Transfer Token Amount

Now, simply press the transfer button and patiently wait.

D - Check Pending Notification

You can check on the status of your briding transaction by clicking on the Wallet Address section on the platform.

E - Bridging Is Successful

Once the bridge is finished, you will see a green pop-up on the platform and the briding process will be successfully done.


In certain cases, your transaction can get stuck while in the process of bridging. If you didn't receive your bridged tokens after 30 minutes, you should check if the transactions is stuck and claim your tokens manually: 1) Go to https://omni.gnosischain.com/bridge 2) Connect wallet with which you initiated the transaction that didn't go through 3) Go to History 4) Copy-paste transaction hash and click Claim