Step 2 - MetaMask xDAI Set Up

In order to use the xDAI network, you will need to configure your wallet accordingly.

A - Set Up MetaMask for Gnosis chain - ex. xDAI Network

Open MetaMask and select "Custom RPC" from the Network dropdown menu.
In the custom RPC settings, add in the xDai Gnosis network details and click Save:
• Network Name: xDai Gnosis
• Chain ID: 0x64
• Symbol: xDai
• Block Explorer URL: https://blockscout.com/xdai/mainnet

B - Add BDT and USDT on xDAI network

Add xBDT - xBDT Contract Address: 0x778aa03021B0CD2b798b0b506403e070125D81C9
Add xUSDT - xUSDT Contract Address: 0x4ECaBa5870353805a9F068101A40E0f32ed605C6