Our in-house solution for proper due diligence.
The BlackDragon research department houses exclusive content from our dedicated research team. The content falls into two broad categories, Project Snapshots and Ask Me Anything (AMA’s). Both segments provide insights into crypto projects forming a knowledge hub for the community.
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The Snapshots provide a concise overview of a specific project. Each project is reviewed by the BlackDragon research team with an overall rating derived from hype and risk analysis (scale: low, normal, and high). Each page compromises of a high-level summary, highlighting key features and tokenomics insight crucial to making an informed investment decision. Readers have access to a wealth of summarised information including roadmaps, partnerships, and the team’s background. Additionally, verified project links are provided to allow members to conduct further due diligence.
AMA’s offer a great platform to discover new information and insights from the team. AMA’s provide an opportunity for BlackDragon and its wider community to connect with a specific crypto project. This efficient question-answer text format allows the project team to directly address key questions and summarise what they are trying to achieve. Be sure to post questions in the Discord community if you are seeking additional information/clarification and can be passed onto the team.

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